Whisper of the Universe


The gathered, pebbly spheres look familiar – they are similar to something on Earth, they could be on a different planet somewhere – it is a nostalgic shape of “something” that belongs to this cosmos.

The number 5 signifies the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and void that are fundamental to everything on earth. We use the word, “five limbs” to mean bodies in full integrity. We often talk about five fingers, five organs, five senses and five is also a number that is significant in alchemy.

Everything is dynamic and continue to change.
I handmade this item hoping that the course of the life of the person who will be wearing this pair of earrings will continue to a desirable direction.

¥ 16,800

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Color Silver, Gold
Material14KGF, Japanese high quality light-weight powder clay, acrylic paint
SizeAbout 25mm


I create one by one with love after I receive the order and dispatch expected within 10 days.

* The sphere parts are all hand made using luxurious light clay one by one and each one is painted silver with acrylic paint.
For this reason, there might be some differences in their shapes and sizes but please accept and enjoy them as charm of handmade products.