Blinking of the Universe

The round spherical shape appears to be similar to something on earth, or it could be shape of something nostalgic, found on some other planet.

This pair of earrings with six spheres, all different in their sizes and shapes, would brighten up your face.

The number six signifies sixth day, sixth sense, the Star of David, and the sixth chakra that the theme of which is balancing between the real and spiritual world.
Also, as humans were created on the sixth day in the bible, the number also signifies the birth. You could also imagine the pregnant woman from the shape of the number, 6.

I handmade this item with the hope that the person who will be wearing them can, while firmly standing on the ground with their feet, harmonise with the invisible energy and will be able to express the wisdom and love.

¥ 18,400

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ColorSilver, Gold
素材14KGF, Japanese high quality light-weight powder clay, acrylic paint
SizeAbout 30mm


* This product is made to order.
I create one by one with love after I receive the order and dispatch expected within 10 days.


* The sphere parts are all hand made using luxurious light clay one by one and each one is painted silver with acrylic paint.
For this reason, there might be some differences in their shapes and sizes but please accept and enjoy them as charm of handmade products.