Dream of the Universe

The gathered, pebbly spheres look familiar – they are similar to something on Earth, they could be on a different planet somewhere – it is a nostalgic shape of “something” that belongs to this cosmos.

The swinging pebbly spheres will glorify your everyday style. Also, as it is very light, it won’t be tiring to wear them all day long.

The abstract shape made up of the small spheres symbolises that there are no exact, fixed answers and existence and also that we always have more than two options to chose from.

I make my accessories with the hope that the person who will be wearing them will also shine with their full potentials and the diversity the person holds within.

¥ 29,800

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ColorWhite, gold
Materials14KGF, Japanese high quality light-weight powder clay


* This product is made to order.
I create one by one with love after I receive the order and dispatch expected within 10 days.


* The sphere parts are all hand made using luxurious light clay one by one and each one.
For this reason, there might be some differences in their shapes and sizes but please accept and enjoy them as charm of handmade products.